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Jakobs Podcast Diary Vault. Log entry: Nellie Noll

I hid behind a large gravestone and waited for Nellie Noll. Nellie I know is a Reptilian Shape Shifting Drac. She was part of the Dracs who settled along the Lincoln Highway after the Civil War. Dracs had come to the 3 day Gettysburg battle to drink the blood at night of wounded crying and dying soldiers as they lay in the killing fields along with dead. Some with amputated blown off arms and legs. Amputation song FREE song download

Nellie eventually moved to Marrietta was known as the River Ghost with of Marietta because she had trance potions and trancer skills ( spell casting ) that she learned from the Martian Werewolf Organization. An well organized illegal crime family of professional Trancers who brought the slaves over from africa through the use of the Burundanga extract drug Shocking Blue. Their chemists work with the rogue doctors in black ops at the Industrial Military Complex at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Trance mind control non-lethal warfare technology. After the war ended the Martian Werewolf Clan got involved in illegal trance porno films mostly sold in Amsterdam. Trancing the neighbor usually posing as portrait photographers. 
Hex Trancer Song by Sparky Lynne Newcomer
I knew Nellie was back in the region and the Trumpet Templars and Minstrels from the Blood Moon Clan Guild wanted me to document her return as she was recently seen at the Guison Church there by the Clan. Currently no one can see her as she uses cloaking technology same used by the Dracs. I have special supernatural skills developed by being experimented on in the Monarch Projects that allow me to see through the cloaks. A portal was torn in my mind which opened up a path to strange paranormal skills. I hid behind a large gravestone. I was cloaked but knew she would be able to see me if not hidden. I had a remote camera hidden. I captured this footage of her in the graveyard walking through. Witch Dracs live for hundreds of years, can die and be reincarnated born again over and over through generations with all thoughts of former lives intact. Some Dracs extend all the way back to the days of Eden after the apple incident.

Nellie was once belonged to the ancient Blood Minstrel Guild. One of the most honored Supernatural Gears hundreds of years ago. But, because she was mistakenly burned at the stake as a Witch by the Templars she joined with the Martian Werewolf Clan. The notorious family Trancer organization. She now goes by the name Rosie Red Lips, because she participates in the blood drinking activities of the 9th Sector Reptilian Dracs. The Dracula’s. Nelson Rehmeyer the male Witch, was also a witch Pow Wow Drac now in Hex County back from the dead who some have seen lately with a strange large dog in the woods. Nellie has come from the dead back recently, back into returning to Hex York County. She has traveled the reincarnation route back to this location. Jakob is trying to get her to come back into the Blood Moon Guild as a Supernatural Gear. To help him find and exorcise the human hybrid eugenics nightmare known as Chronis. Chronis is half plant developed with help from Joesef Mengele the Nazi Angel Of Death by the Dekalb Corporation and for the coming Perfect Paranormal Storm. Jakob Lemy Zook. JaKOBS DIaRY TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY. Space Rock Opera. A real life supernatural drama taking place in Hex York County PennSYLTranceSYLVania where fiction intertwines with fact. In waking trance dreams in one of the strangest stories ever told involving conspiracy and the paranormal in a project known as Monarch. An area where there is a Perfect Paranormal Storm surge about to hit HEX county.

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