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Space Rock Opera Jakobs Diary, Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly Blog Gear Post from the new online cyberspace Supernatural Gears LP, Push The Gear in Reverse! Blackie Drac Gear Log Entry gearreverseLionstar987fneweden Blackie Drac2019 I'm here with Lionstar the Cedar Valley Minstrel Of Heavencan as he meets his Doppleganger Jakob Lemy Zook the Amish Exorcism Guitarist. We have traveled to the New Eden Parallel Universe to discuss the coming Perfect Paranormal Storm Ground Zero Storm Surge HEX County….. The Supernatural Gears are here to discuss a possible Life Loop forming in the storm surge. Cloaked Alien Starships of the Annuanki are now landing at the Apollo Park Landing strip field in Brogue Pennsylvania where 9th sector Reptilian Vampire Dracs working with the New World Order are disrupting their landings. The Bumble Bee Aliens known as the Ganti are swarming the area. Josef Mengele the Nazi Angel of Death wants this generation of humans to end up in this Life Loop as an experiment. There are signs that this possible Life Loop is now forming in the storm. Like a song loop which starts at the beginning of a song and plays to the end only to start over again in the exact order playing endlessly. A Life Loop happens when a Parallel Universes merges with a Parallel Heaven Timeline. Heaven's timeline the new Eden merges with a planet like Earth. Sometimes an anomaly occurs during the process causing a Life Loop timeline universe. All Lifeforms including Humans in a generation, millions are caught in the Life Loop to be born over and over again to live a life then die and reborn again over and over for eternity. Living the exact same life doing the exact same things throughout their lives in a Life Loop. They are unaware they are living the same endless timeline Life Loop over and over again with no end or purpose. Nothing changes. An eternal Life Loop. There is currently no known way by the Supernatural Gears to intervene in a Life Loop to stop the endless looping. The Supernatural Gears are discussing ways to stop it from occurring from forming while running into opposition from the New World Order ancient bloodlines along with Meng

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