Vletteihea The Siren Singer Channeling The Dream Catcher

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Vletteihea The Siren Singer from Snowfires Cosmos Garden

The Supernatural Gears

Listen to Podcast Vletteihea The Siren Singer is from Snowfires Cosmos Garden. She is believed to be a Hybrid of the Susquehannock Nephilims ( Alien Giants ) who settled in the Susquehanna Valley. The Susquehannocks knew of and was given the mysterious unknown Dead Sea Scroll and had it hidden in a cave by the river. The cave is guarded by what is known as the River Ghost. The Amish also know of it’s location. There is another Alien scroll on Mars not unlike the Dead Sea Scroll which is sacred to the indigenous Insectoids space bugs and Reptilians living there which was violated by Captain K and human colonists who settled there in 1961 on a secret mission. A war has erupted.

The Susquehannock Nephilims were destroyed by the Paxton Boys the final 20 killed in Lancaster PennSYLTranceSYLVania as referred to by the Amish because of the blood drinking activities of the 9th sector Reptilian Vampire Dracs ( Dracula’s ) from the Draco Constellation now in Hex County. The Susquehannock Nephilims vanished in a complete Genocide of the Susquehannock Nation. Vletteihea was summoned by the ancient Blood Moon Minstrel Guild to return to Hex County to the Hilltop by the River where the ancient Susquehannock tribes of the Nation would gather in a large Ceremony. Summoned to return as a Siren Singer by the Intelligent Star to sing in the counterpoint opera against the Haarp Beast in Alaska now singing to humans as they sleep in the human mind control invasion known as “The Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.” To sing her Dream Catcher Siren Songs while humans sleep at night like the ancient Greek Sirens of myth sending sailors on ships guiding them to crash against the rocks Trancing them with their beautiful songs and haunting voices. Vletteihea is singing to capture the minds of the humans and by Trancing and sending Dracs back to Draconia on their Starships or having the Draconian Crews crash their ships into meteors. She is joining with The Supernatural Minstrel Gears of the Blood Moon Guild to help the humans of Earth escape the demonic electronic siren singer the Mind Catcher Haarp who melts the psychic permafrost in human minds. An electronic opera singer called Haarp The Electric Cannibal developed during the Star Wars military program back in the 1980’s now controlled by the Reptilian Vampire Dracs and the NWO bloodlines singing a deadly song behind a curtain like the Wizard in the Wizard Of Oz in a grand opera singing around the world. An overture in a supernatural battle of the bands the grand opening of a supernatural opera on the paranormal stage of the coming Perfect Paranormal Storm. Vletteihea Siren Journal….

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